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Posted by admin on Sunday, June 16, 2013

SEO to use or not to use MetaKeywords?

It has always been the questions every time we program the backend for a CMS, Shopping Cart website or the likes. On each time I wonder if it is worth to bother the user to present him with the field for MetaKeywords on the SEO section. Finally (and happily) found out that is official, as of September 2009, Google officially announced this meta tag for keywords is not being used for Web Search.

They, however, have added a new "news_keywords" metatag, but it is only for news search, not for web search. So, save yourself some programming lines, and save your customer some data input, STOP USING METAKEYWORDS. I'm right now deleting it from the database and UI of new projects.

Here the news from Google's Matt Cutts: