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Posted by admin on Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tips for writing good SEO articles

Tips for writing good SEO articles

I still believe the key for a good SEO article is its quality. Besides any tip, try to always write articles that are of interest to people, once you have that in mind, here are some tips that can help improve the results on what you write.


As I mentioned before, write an article for people, not for machines. Write content that is of interest to people, uses normal words and make flow as you would expect if you were reading it from other website.

Writing articles just to stuff it with keywords may do the trick to bring people to your website, but will only result on poor convertions (people arrive and leaves immediatelly), plus you are on risk on be banned by Search Engines, nonetheless to get bad reputation by people talking to you as a spammer.


Once you have a good content written, make sure to use your main keyword once on the first paragraph, and once or twice in the rest of the article. Choosing long-tail keywords works better than short ones, as competition is less. Example, your article can rank better on "seo-article-writing" than on "seo", "article" or "writing" by separate.

A good title

Choose a short title that is reasy to read and take the attention of readers. Must include the main keyword as well. Example: "10 best free blog sites", "Nice places in Xiamen to visit".

Publish your article

Where tu publish? In your own website or in external blogs? You need to consider the advantages of each. Publishing the article in your own website will give you direc link from the search results. Publishing it in external websites like blogs and directories will help for link popularity (more websites linking to you gives higher value on search engines - PR).

I would suggest to publish on your own website the best articles, and publish others on external websites. With this you make a good combination of direct links and higher PR.

Promote it

Once published, send it by e-mail to your friends that may be interested in it. You may also want to post the link to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Protect it

You spent an hour (or more) writing a good, perfect article that everyone loves, and then... somebody else copy it and publish it in his own website as its own. This cannot be avoided, but you can turn that in your favor. Spammers are too lazy (that's why the steal articles in first place), they usually copy and paste and very few times bother to edit the content. Include at least one link to your website inside the content, then we you will get an inbound link as a thank you from your favorite Spammer.

Some technical stuff

I want to keep this for non-technical readers, but if you have technical skills, make sure you also make good page titles, meta tags and semantic urls related to your article.

What to write?

The best source for articles that can rank better, is writing on things you couldn't find on searches yourself. For example, time ago I was not sure whether to use or just as my preffered website address. I couldn't find an article to help me decide, instead I found the information scattered in many of them. So I wrote an article titled www or non-www, that's the web address question